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Two nervous teen royals with dangerous powers...but can they control it? (spoiler alert: nope)

Double-Edged Blade: All Under Control is a visual novel which follows the teenage lives of Prince Raymond Pseudeland and Princess Elise Realis, two royal heirs of the regions on the Isle of Scholite, gifted - or cursed with - the dangerous and uncontrollable magical power to manipulate blades and sharp weapons.

Having this new, strange ability, they must learn to control it, to protect themselves, and the lives of their peers at Laurum Secondary Academy, the highly exclusive private school.

Playing as either Raymond or Elise, you can make choices to influence your story, and try to keep your new powers under control.

The story is split into seven Years, which will be uploaded episodically. Other updates to the script and art may be added in-between, so stay tuned! (for which reason I've listed the game as in development.)

You can follow my itch.io profile, my Instagram (@e_lee_za.a) or my Twitter (@e_lee_za_a) to be notified when the next Years are released, as well as development updates and extra art content.

First Year is now available to play for a starting price of free!

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Coming Of Age, Dark, Episodic, Fantasy, Magic, Ren'Py, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Version 1
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Version 2
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Version 3

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Been playing your VN (as Raymond currently) and I accidently made some quick saves that I didn't want (meant to click the save button, but clicked the QSave button instead(, because I wanted to save those for later.  

I tried deleting the files from the saves files, but that didn't seem to work?  I think it might be because of the persistent file, but I don't to mess w/ that.  Anyway to get rid of my quick save files?  If not; if I make more than 6 quick saves will the earlier one be over-written?  I wouldn't mind that (in this case).

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You can delete saves by hovering your mouse over the save slot and pressing the ‘delete’ key. Applies the same to quick saves. I don’t think earlier saves get overwritten, if I remember correctly. I’ve just learned this too- previously, before building the game I would just delete the entire saves folder (in retrospect probably not a good idea), but I wouldn’t risk deleting the persistent data, especially in future updates which will rely heavily on it.

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Thanks for the help!  And yeah; that is why I didn't want to risk messing w/ the persistent file; I know it is an important file, for many reasons.

Edit:  Just did it; it worked!  This will be super helpful for me for this VN and probably some other future ones I play since I didn't know you could do that.  

I mostly just kept on overwriting old saves and stuff when I ran out of saves, but knowing I could do this too will help me out a lot.  Thank you for a 2nd time.


I just found this VN!  It looks super cool; like the idea about being able to play as both a Prince and Princess (w/ secret, dangerous powers nonetheless).  Being at a academy and trying to protect the people there is also another plus.

So I saw that you make PDF's of coloring pages and stuff on the site; what site is that?  Do you mean this one?  I am pretty you do; just want to make sure there isn't another site I am missing out on.

The soundtracks for Ep2 looking cool, maybe we can download the full soundtracks someday or episode soundtracks.

So you said this VN will be across 7 years (which is interesting), and release episodically, does that mean 7 episodes (just answer this if you can)?

Excited for more (though I have to actually more properly get in the first episode/first year as well), and for Ep2/2nd Year to come out; good luck on that.


Hi! Thank you so much, I’m very glad you like the idea :D

The colouring page PDFs are in a zip folder on the same site as the game downloads.

The full soundtrack so far is on soundcloud.com/e-lee-za, I’ve only put First Year up so far and I’ll put Second Year’s music on there when it’s released.

Yep, it’s across 7 episodes -  I called them Years to mean school years, to make it easier for me to make and release/organise events a bit.

If you’re interested, my Instagram and Twitter give updates as development goes, including sneak peeks and stuff like that.

Once again, thanks for playing! ^_^

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Loved this game! The artstyle is quite nice and the story (so far) I can get behind! Looking forward to the next updates! :)

Also is that your original music in the game?


Hi! Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Indeed, I made the music all by myself. The full First Year soundtrack is on my SoundCloud too - soundcloud.com/e-lee-za :D

Nice! Yeah it sounds really good, great job on it! :)

Hi what did you make your game in? 

Hi! I used the game engine Ren’Py ^_^

Yeah silly me I forgot its easy to see that from the menu anyway but thanks!

Nice and quirky VN, the control mechanic honestly it's quite fun and the characters are quite unique, I hope to see more of both things in action in future updates.

Keep the good work!


Thank you so much! And thanks for the let's play too :D

This is so cool! I can’t wait to play! Eleeza you are a queen 👑 

Thank you ^_^ ✨

Perfection, I'm happy it got finally release (I've been following the development).

-- You know who


Haha yes! Hello :D

You truly are epic Eleeza.

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Thank you! :D